Friday, June 20, 2008

The bitch is a fucking liar!!! ok I'm going to try to calm down enough so I can write this while making some sort of sense here....
So the new manager at work claimed the other week that she has always working in apparel.
which I find funny because last night she comes up to me around ten and started talking down to me. she said "This is the time of night when you need to start coming up with a game plan. what have you done over here?" She was pretty much acting like I was being a slacker and didn't know what I was doing. She went on to say that if everyone else can get done with their department then I should be able to. I find this extremely funny. not only is my department at least twice the size of all the other ones, I get the most traffic in my department, and I get the most returns. We are talking at least three or four times as many returns. Not to mention that when I walked into work I was left with three carts of returns. (I'm not supposed to have any at all!!!) If she had been working in apparel for as long as she has said she has then she wouldn't have made a stupid uninformed comment like that. I told the girls I was working with what she had said and they just started laughing! When I first worked with her I really thought that we had finally gotten a good manager but I have been proved wrong. She apparently doesn't understand. When it gets close to the weekend it gets very busy over there. If you come at ten yeah it's going to look like crap. It's kind of hard to perfect an area and keep it that way when you have customers ever two feet. What really got to me is she was talking down to me like I was a child or had never worked in that department before. Everything she was saying were things that I not only already knew but was currently doing. She would have known that if she would just open up her eyes.

I didn't say much but I think she could tell that I was upset so she kind of just stayed away from me. When she came back to do the zone checks at the end of the night she said "Wow you really got it together!" At this time I was too tired and pissed to hold my tongue so I said," Yeah it's amazing what you can do when the customers are finally gone!" I would like to see her work that department with all of the customers and keep it as perfect as she expects it. She is obviously an idiot. but she did my zone check and had no complaints so I think I showed her that I'm not some slacker. I run my fat ass up and down there and I have had a couple of the managers say that the department is at its best when I close. It just gets on my nerves when a manager will talk down to someone when they have no idea what they are even talking to. The only thing she accomplished was making herself look like a fool.

She said she is only on overnights for ten weeks so after that I won't have to deal with her too much. She seems nice enough but she just tries to act like she knows what she is talking about when she obviously doesn't.

ok I'm done ranting.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I met a slave today. could be some possibilities. hmm, will have to see!!!


Monday, June 16, 2008

work is driving me nuts. I like working there however there is so much drama. everyday there is something else going on over there that just makes me want to slap someone. yesterday was impossibly slow and I had to be there earlier than usual so I was hoping to get out earlier since I was done early. so I get all done and the manager says the clothes need to be finger spaced. I'm like are you kidding me? so I have to go around the whole fucking department and make sure that the clothes are all separated. like I have fucking time for that. mind you she wasn't this picky with everyone else. But from what I have been told the other girls that I was working with were hired in by her so they are like her little pets. That is what pisses me off more than anything. If your going to be a perfectionist fine. that is actually a great trait for a manager to have. However it is just wrong and rude for you to pick favorites. that is the worst possible trait that a manager can have.
Then of course I'm stuck working with the laziest people in history. I helped with some of their work but they were pretty much expecting me to stay around and keep helping them. The way I see it is why should I do my job all day for them to just stand around talking. Then they expect me to help them because they get to the end of the night and they are like "O my God I still have all this work to do!" well duh, if you stand around for four or five hours fuck yeah your going to be behind. I know, this train of thought takes real brilliance. Not to mention that every single time I either ask them to help me or they are told to by a manager they never come help me. not once. so why should I. So fuck yeah I left them. I used to be real nice and try to help but not anymore.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

just earlier today I was writing about how I had talked to a couple good nice people on cm. then I spend a long time talking to a potential subbie and he goes poof. wont even tell me why he doesn't want to talk anymore. His name on cm is jakeryan858585. his yahoo is losersissyboy2001.
we talked for what seemed like forever. everything seemed to be going just fine. and get this he offers to give me a tribute! I never asked for it. of course im like sure. then poof! then I try the number he gave me and of course it is disconnected. I tried emailing him to tell him that I never really expected any tributes before he mentioned it. that is absolutely not necessary in order to serve me but he is refusing to be an adult and try to give me an explanation for his behavior.

I have spent enough time in this lifestyle to know that there are plenty of people that make plans to meet and then never show up. It's not like this is a rare occurrence, however I am feeling so depressed right now. I am trying to figure this all out. He seemed so sincere, and we seemed to really be a perfect match. perhaps I am just too gullible or too trusting. I try to think that people are generally good. Well anyways I am still talking to a couple of other guys so hopefully something works out.

im back

I took a long time away from the lifestyle to really think. I had some problems on cm with some not so nice people but i think that is over now. I have only been back for all of two days and I have already talked to a few people that have made me change my mind about the sincerity of those on cm. yes there are alot of fakes and losers on there however there are also some decent ones. this makes me feel much better.

now for a bit of info on me.
I did at one time have a fake profile. I wasn't on there to get off or play games with people but more just to see what was out there before putting myself all out there. Everyone has heard the horror stories of women that end up dead or seriously injured. i wanted to test the waters i guess before getting into anything serious. I have already apologized to those that I wasn't truthful with in the past and since then I have began my real time experience.

I would consider myself more of a switch however after some experimenting I have realized that there is much much more domme in me than subbie. yes I love to get spanked however I'm bossy and a tad bit sadistic. To me there is nothing better than a cute little subbie begging for my mercy hehe! I will still switch on occasion but as far as relationships I am only looking for ltr with a subbie.